Why choose The Guident Group?

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The Guident Group

Why Choose The Guident Group?

Simply put, The Guident Group is far superior to most other practice consulting and training companies. This is a bold statement, but one we stand by. What sets The Guident Group apart?

  1. The principals of The Guidant Group have owned and continue to own and manage multiple dental practices for the past 18 years. So we know all the challenges and problems you face, because we face them every day.
  2. Our practices are extremely successful, each averaging over $2 million per year in revenues. It’s one thing to create, own and develop a successful, $2 million-per-year practice; it’s another level entirely to own, develop and manage several $2 million-per-year practices.
  3. Such success demands excellence and expertise in every aspect and ingredient that goes into a successful practice. In fact, there are 10 ingredients needed for total practice success. The Guident Group is expert and proven in all 10 ingredients.
  4. The Guident Group has a proven track record. The practices that The Guident Group took over and managed increased Production and Income 300-400% – within 2-3 years. Our practices average $2 million per year in collections. This level of success is the result of Guident’s effective and powerful practice growth systems and actions. We offer this same successful program to our clients.
  5. Most consulting companies deliver only seminars and phone consultations. The Guident Group delivers the most comprehensive consulting and training programs available:
    • We spend a great deal of time in your practice. We work side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your team members, training them on our powerful systems and procedures. We help the team implement those systems and procedures in your practice. We come to your practice, we train and coach your team in your practice.
    • We have training facilities in our own practices. This gives the doctors and staff a first-hand look at how an extremely productive and profitable practice operates, a look at how each and every system and procedures is supposed to work. Imagine your team members – or even yourself if you so desire – spending time in an effective training facility gaining knowledge and expertise, and then observing and applying those skills in an actual successful practice. We have found that the combination of training and actual observation of a successful operation in action, produces five times the skills and results than simply seminar training alone.
    • Seminars and workshops. The Guident Group has developed extremely powerful and effective seminars and workshops that address each of the factors that go into a practice’s success. These seminars and workshops are filled with knowledge and information that are designed to grow a practice’s production and income and solve problems we all face in our practices.
    • Unlimited phone consultation. Once we have spent time in your practice and you and/or your team have spent time in ours, phone consultations are then extremely effective. By that time, we know each other other and the practice well enough to be able to provide real, effective phone consultation that is based on what is actually occurring in your practice.
  6. The Guident Group delivers personalized consulting, training and coaching, tailored to each specific doctor and practice. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter services. The first action we take is a comprehensive and detailed practice analysis (described under our Services section). This analysis is thorough and looks at every part and area of your practice. We then develop a custom program – your own practice “treatment plan” – just for you and your practice, all based on your goals.
  7. Guident has fully-written and comprehensive job descriptions, policy and procedure manuals, systems, protocols, checklists, forms, training materials and patient materials. These materials are the result of years of testing and proven results in many practices. These materials are extremely valuable, and simplify our systems, training and protocols greatly.
  8. The entire team at Guident goes through intense and constant training themselves, taking numerous management, leadership, systems, technology and clinical courses each year. We never rest on our laurels; we constantly strive to improve, and we work hard to increase our own knowledge and skills.
  9. We stand by our services. We work with the doctors and staff to get the results the doctor desires.

If the answers are no, we can help you achieve all your practice and career goals.

This website tells you who The Guident Group is, what we do, and why calling us could be a life-changing action. If you want a more successful practice, if you want 25-100% more production, 50-100% higher personal income, a lower overhead and higher profit – if you want more patients, if you want a more motivated, dedicated, skilled and productive staff, if you want to create your ideal practice and enjoy work and life more, then The Guident Group can help.

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