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What are the 10 ingredients to total practice success?

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The environment today is more difficult and challenging than ever before. The Great Recession and resulting changes in people’s thinking, insurance company power-plays and declining benefits, mind-boggling regulation and litigation, increasing competition, the changing tastes of consumers, social changes, increasing costs, new technologies emerging constantly – all these and other factors combine to make the current environment challenging and difficult, to say the least.

A dentist can either wait for things to get better, and sit back and watch his practice do whatever it does. Or, he can take positive actions and steps to grow his practice. No matter what is happening in the environment, there are actions to take that will propel your practice to higher and higher levels of production and income. The Guident Group has proven this with our own practices – and we operate in the same environment and with the same challenges as you do.

In today’s challenging environment, there are 10 Ingredients to Total Practice Success. Clinical excellence and skill is just one of those ingredients. You could be the greatest clinician on the planet, an absolute Michelangelo as a dentist. But if you don’t know the other ingredients to practice success, and if you don’t take action to see that these ingredients are applied in your practice, then you will struggle. Tens of thousands of dentists around the country find themselves in this position – they are good clinicians but they are struggling, not reaching their personal and professional goals.

Total Practice Success

We at The Guident Group have the goal of Total Practice Success for our clients:

  • The practice is collecting a minimum of $1.2 million for each doctor-and-two-hygienists
  • The doctor earns a minimum of $400,000 in personal income
  • There are lots of new patients and referred new patients
  • The practice is efficient and well-organized
  • There is very little or no stress

There are 10 ingredients that go into creating Total Practice Success:


Our Expertise

The Guident Group is expert in all these areas, as proven by the success of our own practices and those of our clients. The Guident Group works with you and your team to see sure that these 10 ingredients are in place and working well in your practice, producing excellent results and a large increase in Production, Collections and the doctor’s Personal Income.

If your practice could use improvement in any one or more of these ingredients, The Guident Group can work with you and your team in those areas alone. And, The Guident Group offers package programs that address all ten components.

Each Practice is Unique

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all consulting and training program for all practices. Every practice is unique and different, every doctor is different, every situation and circumstance is unique, each doctor has his or her own goals. Therefore, The Guident Group tailors its consulting and training uniquely to each client. We “diagnose” your exact practice condition and situation, and develop a Practice Success Action Program just for you. Our consulting and training programs are based on each doctor’s own goals, purposes and situation.

In other words, we work with you as diligently and as effectively as we would one of our own practices.

The First Step

The first step in this process is for you and us to meet and discuss what you want, the challenges you face, and your goals and dreams. Then we can conduct a Comprehensive Practice Analysis.

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