Practice Acquisition

We can help you navigate the minefield of practice acquisition

The Guident Group

Are you looking to purchase an existing practice?
Already in the process?

At The Guident Group we have purchased 10 dental practices, and started two practices from scratch.

Having gone through the buying, selling and start-up process so many times, we know all there is to know about evaluating, purchasing and transitioning a practice. We have been through the minefield of practice transitions and have the experience needed to make the purchase and transition process painless, seamless and productive.

We can help you in any or all of the following areas:

  • Evaluating the true value - and especially the potential - of any practice that is on the market
  • Complete and detailed analysis of all the practice’s numbers, procedures, systems, policies, staff, etc.
  • Negotiating the purchase agreements and contracts
  • Ensuring you have all the important legal and financial points in place
  • Complete and detailed checklist that contains each and every step of purchasing and transitioning to the new practice
  • Making the transition to ownership of the practice; the proper and complete steps to taking over the practice to ensure that no disruptions, and no staff mutinies or mass quitting, occur
  • How to retain at least 95% of the existing patients after the purchase. We have an exact set of steps and actions that have enabled us to keep over 95% of the previous owner’s patients continue coming back to the practice and coming back to us as the new owners. We will guide you as to how to achieve this same result.
  • How to grow the practice immediately, and see an immediate increase in production and income
  • Evaluating the staff inherited from the previous owner, to know quickly and accurately who to retain and who to replace.
  • How to get the existing staff you decide to keep, to become loyal to you quickly and work hard on your behalf. How to get the staff to promote and recommend you to existing patients.
  • The most effective marketing strategies for that practice and that area.
  • How to transform the practice into your ideal practice and maximize your investment

Who better to help guide you through the labyrinth of practice evaluation, purchase, transition and growth than the people who have successfully navigated this process many times?

Who better to turn to for advice about evaluating and purchasing a practice than a group of professionals who have done this same thing many times, with excellent results?


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