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The Guident Group

You invested a great deal in your practice. Are you getting as much return on this investment as you would like?

Is your practice producing and collecting as much as it could or should? Are you earning at least $400,000 per year in personal income from your practice? Is your practice stress-free and operating like a Ferrari? Are you achieving your goals?

If not, The Guident Group can help you achieve your goals. We own and operate multiple practices ourselves, each averaging over $2 million per year in revenues. And, our Clinical Director, Dr. Nader Hawa, personally produces over $1 million per year working only 20-24 hours per week. How do we accomplish all this?

10 Ingredients to Total Practice Success

Clinical skill and delivery is only one of the 10 ingredients you need to succeed. You could be the greatest clinician on the planet, but if you don’t know and apply the other 9 ingredients in your practice, the practice will struggle, or at the least fall short of its full potential. We help dentists who find themselves in any one of the following situations:

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