New Patient Flow

Your practice success depends upon a healthy number of new patients

The Guident Group

A healthy number of quality new patients is vital for growth, whether yours is a new practice or a well-established one.

The Guident Group is expert in both internal and external marketing, achieving great success in practice after practice. In particular, we focus on generating more new patient referrals from existing patients.

We consider the number of new patients referred to the practice by other patients to be one of the most important indicators of the overall state and health of the practice. The Practice Success Group offers a comprehensive marketing plan tailored for each client. Our marketing plans include the following:

  • Internal Marketing
  • Generating more patient referrals
  • Market Research and Analysis of your area
  • Analysis of your existing marketing
  • External Marketing plans
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Adwords Campaigns

Telephone Training

Believe it or not, this is one of the most valuable and profit-producing services anyone could provide a doctor and the practice. A practice can earn an additional $90,000-360,000 per year with just this one service alone! Telephone Training is even more important than marketing actions. A practice can spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each month on marketing, only to have qualified new patient callers not schedule when they call the practice. A new patient calling your practice has never met the doctor, never met any of the staff, and has no idea how good the practice is.

The ONLY connection a new caller has is a voice on the other end of the phone.

In our experience, in our own practices and well as our clients’ practices, even the best staff are weak on converting new callers into actual patients. The average practice and scheduler gets 50% of qualified new callers into their practices. With our Telephone Training, our schedulers get in an average of 85% of qualified new callers. Our practices and clients’ practices increase their new patient flow by 5-20 additional new patients per month with this training alone - without a dime spent on additional marketing! This increase translates into $90,000-360,000 per year in added income to the practice!

We have listened to over 1,000 actual phone calls from dozens of practices (our own included), and have identified the DO’s and DON’T’s of handling new patient calls. After years of testing and refining our phone training in our own practices, we have developed a powerful phone training program that is guaranteed to increase your practice income by $100,000 per year.

Our Telephone Training is the best and most thorough in the industry. We work side-be-side with your schedulers, giving them the training that will turn them into phone superstars. Our Telephone Training covers the following:

  • The two weaknesses nearly all schedulers have when it comes to handling new patient calls, and how to handle these effectively
  • The three killer questions new callers ask that trip up almost all schedulers, and the best answers for each
  • The most effective greeting when first answering the phone
  • Questions that every scheduler should ask every new caller, which leads and pulls the caller to schedule and arrive in your practice as a new patient
  • The art of phone Salesmanship
  • The statement at the end of each call that cuts new patient no-shows by 75%
  • Wordings created by our most successful schedulers that double or even triple new caller conversions
  • How to handle any money question on the phone, and get the caller to schedule
  • How to handle insurance questions properly
  • Your schedulers will become far more self confident, far more self assured, and their personal self esteem will skyrocket after they become proficient with our Telephone Training

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