The performance of your hygiene team is more important than you think

The Guident Group

Is each hygienist in your practice producing $25,000-30,000 per month?

The Guident Group has a comprehensive Hygiene Program that will transform your hygiene department into a super-productive yet clinically superior team. We offer these benefits to your practice and hygiene department:

  • Increase hygiene production by $50,000-100,000 per year, but through Standard of Care examination, diagnosing, treatment planning, patient education, scheduling and delivery of procedures, and proper scheduling;
  • Complete communication skills and verbage examples that work to get patients to accept your treatment recommendations. Your hygienists will greatly improve their case presentation skills and acceptance.
  • Perio Disease Protocols and Procedures, which defines exact case types and exact treatment protocols for each case type - all based on the latest and highest Standard of Care. This includes clinical articles written by doctors and hygienists;
  • Effective patient education materials that get people to fully understand what perio disease is, the consequences of the disease, and get them to agree to your treatment protocols. These education materials go far beyond the usual pamphlets that most offices have.

Increasing the skills, confidence and professional pride of the hygiene team, which in turn improves patient acceptance, patient show-up rate for appointments, and hygiene production.

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