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Why practice consulting and coaching?

If you look at the practices that are in the top 5-20% of all practices in terms of production, profitability and quality, there are a couple of things each and every one of those practices have in common.

One is that the doctors are clinically proficient in all general dental procedures, and practice the very highest Standard of Care. They deliver excellent dentistry to their patients. They constantly upgrade and improve their clinical skills with the very best CE, and keep up with advancements in dental technologies, materials and procedures.

The other point in common is that those practices have benefitted greatly from one or more practice management, consulting and training firms. The top practices all have used practice management consultants liberally, investing a great deal of time, energy and resources in such consultants. Doctors were not trained in business or as business owners; they were trained as doctors. Creating and running a successful practice goes far beyond clinical skills and delivering good dentistry to people. In fact, there are nine ingredients to a successful practice other than excellent clinical delivery. Employing an expert, competent practice consulting firm that is knowledgeable in all those ingredients, practically guarantees a more successful and profitable practice – assuming the clinical skills and dentistry are of high quality.

In addition to lack of business training, doctors face another barrier that other business owners don’t face. Doctors are treating patients all day, and are not out and about their practice every minute of the day. Therefore, they are not observing what is going on throughout their practices, they are not managing their staff routinely. Their attention is on patients, so they are not managing the entire operation hands-on.

Effective solutions

The right management consulting and coaching group – one that is highly competent and truly expert in dental practice building – can be worth millions of dollars in additional income for you.

But there are dozens and dozens of practice management groups and individuals out there. Only a handful are truly good enough to achieve the production and income levels described in this information pack. So why consider or choose The Guident Group over any other practice management group or consultant?

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