Communication Skills

Communication is far and away the most important and powerful skill, ability and tool to success - success in all of life as well as in a dental practice.

The Guident Group

Communicating well and effectively is the single most vital, most important and most productive action you can take in the practice.

Communication is the common and most powerful thread that runs throughout every job position in a practice, every system, case acceptance, ability to schedule patients on the phone and in the office, every successful action.

The Guident team has spent 20 years researching, developing and testing communication skills for the doctor and each team member, for any and all interactions and situations with patients and internally in the practice.

The Guident Group has developed and compiled the most effective scripts for each and every possible patient interaction, every possible scenario, any and all questions asked by patients, case presentations, financial arrangements, telephone calls, handling patient upsets and problems, etc. These scripts were not developed in a closet. They were developed by dozens of the best schedulers, hygienists, dental assistants, financial managers and treatment coordinators in the business. What to say, how to say it and when to say it is vital to a practice’s success.

Our training materials and job manuals are full of powerful, effective scripts that apply to any situation, scenario or question. But we go beyond simply handing out scripts. We work together with each team member on actually thinking with these wordings, as opposed to memorizing a bunch of words and lines. We work with staff members until they are able to communicate and answer questions perfectly, as naturally as breathing.

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