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Our clinical coaching program will get your practice to the next level

The Guident Group

Dr. Nader Hawa, one of the Principals and the Clinical Director of the Guident Group, is a superb clinician with thousands of hours of continuing education under his belt.

Dr. Hawa is a practicing dentist, personally producing over $1 million per year – working only 20-24 hours per week!

Dr. Hawa is extremely proficient in all general dental procedures – crown and bridge, implant restorations, full mouth dentistry, endo, extractions, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry (as well as Invisalign). But many dentists are also highly skilled in all these procedures, yet they don’t produce $1 million per year with their own two hands, in 20-24 hours per week. So there must be another reason for such high production.

The answers lie in such areas as treatment planning, case presentation, and developing an excellent communication and relationship with the patients. Dr. Hawa is a master in all these skills. If any dentist wants to be a $1 million+ producer working 3 days per week or less, he or she must be:

  1. Clinically proficient
  2. An excellent communicator
  3. Skilled in treatment planning, and
  4. Expert in walking a patient toward accepting treatment recommendations regardless of insurance or money

Dr. Hawa provides such clinical and treatment acceptance coaching to our clients. Doctors who apply these skills produce far more with far less effort and little or no stress.

Dr. Hawa coaches his doctor clients side-by-side, in an actual practice environment. Phone consultations cannot achieve the remarkable results that in-office coaching and training can accomplish.

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