Case Presentation and Acceptance

Successful case presentations contain steps that must be taken in the proper sequence

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The single most important factor to a practice’s income and success is the doctor’s and staff’s ability to get patients to accept the doctor’s treatment plans and recommendations.

This is also the weakest area for most dentists.

  • Do you reduce your treatment plan and recommendations before presenting them to patients, because of their insurance?
  • Are you concerned you will turn people off and lose patients if you recommend ideal dentistry to them, because of financial considerations or constraints?
  • Do only half or less than half of your patients accept your treatment recommendations?
  • Are you having difficulties getting patients to agree to pay for their treatment, beyond any insurance coverage or lack of dental insurance?
  • Do you hear too many patients say “I’ll do whatever my insurance covers, and nothing more?”
  • Do you want to be able to get 75-80% of patients to accept your treatment plans, regardless of insurance or money considerations?
  • If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, call us.

Rule of Thumb

Here is a rule-of-thumb ratio that tells you how effective or not your case presentations are. Take your practice’s total production for the past 12 months (all doctors and hygienists), and divide that production by the total number of new patients over the past 12 months. The resulting ratio should be at $3,000 or higher. If your number is less than that, then your case presentations and patient processes aren’t as effective as they could be. We can show you and your team how to increase your treatment acceptance to get to that $3,000 benchmark.

Treatment Acceptance Process

Getting patients to accept treatment is NOT a clinical exercise. It is not Dentistry 101. It is entirely a communication and relationship-building process. And there is an exact process, system and sequence of steps that lead to acceptance of your treatment plans by at least 75-80% of patients. We call this system and sequence of steps our Treatment Acceptance Process.

Like any clinical procedure, successful case presentations contain a number of steps that have to be taken in the proper sequence, and each step must be completed fully before going onto the next step. Shortcutting or skipping any steps will reduce your treatment acceptance. This is as true as the sequence you must follow for a crown prep or root canal; if you leave out any steps or don’t use all the proper materials, the procedure will be unsuccessful.

Clinically, you could look at a patient’s X-Rays, yank open the mouth and have a complete diagnosis and treatment plan in less than 10 minutes, most of the time. The problem with this is that there is a living, thinking, emotional person attached to that mouth. And that person has other things on his or her mind – stresses and strains in life, problems, goals, work-related concerns, other things going on in his or her life. It is this person you must deal with if you are to be given the opportunity to deliver your ideal dentistry. It is the person who has to agree to do the treatment and pay the fees.

If you shortcut or bypass the process we have developed, your treatment acceptance – and therefore your production and income – will be cut significantly. Our Treatment Acceptance Process has been proven fantastically successful with dozens and dozens of doctors. And, our Treatment Acceptance includes the staff; the staff is an important part of the success of this process. Improving treatment acceptance gives you more opportunities to deliver ideal dentistry, and raises your income greatly.

Our Treatment Acceptance Process is based on 20 years of testing, research and success, in hundreds of practices and some of the most productive doctors in the nation.

We will coach you and your team on the most effective processes that will greatly increase treatment acceptance by your patients. It has been shown in practice after practice that increasing treatment acceptance has dramatic effects on a practice:

  • Your income will soar; your personal income from the practice will increase an additional $50,000-150,000 per year;
  • Stress will be dramatically lowered in your practice;
  • Your patients will receive the dentistry that will actually improve their quality of life;
  • Your own sense of professional reward, pride and job satisfaction will skyrocket, as you see your patients accept the quality dentistry you believe is best for them. Your own sense of purpose will be greatly enhanced and rewarded;
  • Your staff will benefit, if your practice has any bonus system in place;
  • Your patients will think more highly of you as a clinician, and they will sing your praises more often and refer more people to you.

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