We will open your eyes to how your practice is truly working
and what areas need improving

The Guident Group

After talking with the doctor and discussing his or her goals and problems, we conduct a thorough practice analysis.

This is an extremely thorough evaluation of every conceivable aspect of a practice, to include the 10 ingredients to success, as well as those factors preventing the practice from reaching its full potential and the doctor’s goals.

Our Practice Analysis looks at all of the following areas of your practice:

  • Analysis of the 10 Ingredients to Practice Success
  • Patient Flow
  • New Patient Volume, Sources and Patient Referrals
  • Marketing, Internal and External
  • Scheduling
  • Treatment Planning
  • Case Presentations
  • Practice Systems
  • Management
  • Hygiene
  • Recall System
  • Reactivation System
  • Staff Training
  • How Phone Calls Are Handled
  • Communication, Internal and with Patients
  • Practice Production and Collections
  • Collection Ratios and Accounts Receivable
  • All Practice Numbers and Ratios
  • Insurance
  • Clinical Technology
  • Practice Management Technology
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Procedures Analysis
  • Problems in the Practice, Barriers to Success
  • Any Concerns the Doctor Has

After this analysis is complete, we will give you a detailed “diagnosis,” a report of all the practice’s strengths as well as those areas that could be improved, and what can be done to help you reach you goals. We also develop a personalized, tailored Practice Success Action Program designed specifically for you and your practice, that will help you reach your personal and professional goals. This analysis and resulting plan is a free, no-obligation service.

If you choose not to use Guident and its services, the detailed report and Practice Success Action Program are yours to use at no charge. Doctors have found this evaluation alone to be valuable and helpful, as it opens their eyes to areas and possibilities they never considered before or knew existed.


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