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The Guident Group has a combined 82 years of success in dentistry.
Among our leadership team, we own and manage 4 dental practices, each averaging $2 million per year in collections. In addition, we have helped many doctors achieve success, clinical and career satisfaction, and financial freedom.

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Creating the Ideal Practice

Your goals

Your goals

What do you want from your practice?

What problems or barriers are you facing?

What are your goals:
professionally, financially and personally?

What help would you like?

Why choose us

Why choose us

Simply put, The Guident Group is far superior to most other practice consulting and training companies.

This is a bold statement, but one we stand by.

What sets The Guident Group apart?

Your Practice is an Enormous Investment

You invested a great of time, energy, study and money into your practice; why not get the maximum return for it?

Your financial investment started with your college and dental school costs, followed by the money you paid to start up or purchase the practice, and continues with your continuing education and technology upgrades to the practice. All told, these costs could add up to $1-1.5 million or more – not to mention all the time, energy and study you have put in.

So why not invest a small fraction of that amount to transform your practice into a highly profitable, stress-free and valuable, productive operation that gives you financial freedom and independence, and an exceptional quality of life.

  • Are you earning $400,000 or more per year in personal income from your practice?
  • Is your practice producing and collecting as much as it could or should (at least $1.2 million/year in collections for each Doctor-and-two-Hygienists)?
  • Are you getting all the high-quality new patients you want?
  • Is your practice stress-free and operating like a Ferrari?
  • Are you achieving your goals?

If the answers are no, we can help you achieve all your practice and career goals.

This website tells you who The Guident Group is, what we do, and why calling us could be a life-changing action. If you want a more successful practice, if you want 25-100% more production, 50-100% higher personal income, a lower overhead and higher profit – if you want more patients, if you want a more motivated, dedicated, skilled and productive staff, if you want to create your ideal practice and enjoy work and life more, then The Guident Group can help.

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